Modest Means

This program assists to connect the increasing number of pro se litigants to free or discounted legal services 

Modest Means Committee

The purpose of the Modest Means Committee is to oversee and regulate the provision of discounted legal services through the Modest Means Lawyer Referral Program. The program is free for licensed lawyers. Program participants pay a $25 administrative fee for referrals, which is refunded if a lawyer is not secured through the program. Modest Means was developed to give relief to Utah Courts overloaded with increasing numbers of pro se litigants, and to provide additional opportunities to unemployed and under-employed lawyers. The MM Committee acts by (1) offering training and support to lawyers participating in the program, (2) serving program participants by matching them with qualified lawyers and sending referrals, and (3) continually evaluating the terms, standards, and structure of discounted legal services in Utah. 

Modest Means Committee Work

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