Pro Hac Vice


See below for answers to questions you may have in a pro hac vice situation:

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. The Utah courts have made no provisions for out-of-state lawyers or those who are not licensed in Utah to e-file.

A: No. E-filing is a certification under Rule 11 that that the filer is an attorney of record. You are not an attorney of record until you have been admitted pro hac in the case. Even then, you are not a Utah attorney of record with an assigned Identifier Number. Your in-state resident sponsoring attorney must e-file on your behalf.

A: Your in-state sponsoring attorney – who should already have a certified e-filing service provider (EFSP)account – must e-file your application at the proper court along with the necessary supporting documentation including a scan of the Bar’s Acknowledgement and Receipt.  And then e-file a proposed order for your admittance.

A: See Utah Rule of Appellate Procedure 40(e) HERE